Commercial Photography Rates

Please find an overview on my standard commercial photography rates and details for extras. Prices are inclusive of VAT

One hour

1 Hour of photography Shooting
£ 125
  • Shoot Time
  • Consultation & planning
  • Post processing & data handling

Half Day

4 Hours Photography Shooting
£ 300
  • Shoot time
  • Consultation & planning
  • Post production & data handling

Full Day

Up to 8 Hours of Photography Shooting
£ 550
  • Shoot Time
  • Consultation & planning
  • Post processing & data handling

Commercial Photography Pricing Guide


I am committed to providing clear and honest pricing for all your photography needs. Each commercial project is unique, so I’ve crafted this guide to help you understand what to expect when planning your budget for a professional photoshoot.

What to Expect in the Pricing

Every commercial shoot I undertake is tailored to meet your specific needs. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in my pricing to ensure there are no surprises:

1. No Hidden Costs:

   – Transparency is key. You won’t encounter any hidden fees or tricky small print with me. The prices I provide give you a clear and straightforward understanding of your total project cost.

2. All-Inclusive Pricing:

    My pricing includes both the time spent on the shoot and an equal amount of time for editing and processing your images. If we spend three hours shooting, you can expect up to three hours of post-processing included. This ensures that your photos are perfectly polished and ready for use.

3. No VAT Charges:

    As I am not VAT registered, there’s no additional VAT to add to your bill. This helps to keep things simple and makes budgeting easier for you.

4. Travel Fees:

    I cover travel expenses for shoots within a 60-mile round trip from my Bristol base at no extra cost. This means you get value without any unexpected travel charges, ensuring your project remains within budget.

5. Delivery and Formats:

    After the shoot, I’ll deliver your images via a secure, downloadable link, making it easy for you to access them quickly. Additionally, I can upload your images to an online gallery and provide web-ready versions, perfect for immediate use on your website or social media. Prints are available on request.

6. Secure Cloud Storage:

   For added security and convenience, all your images are securely stored in the cloud. This means you can access them anytime for future use, providing peace of mind and ensuring the longevity of your visual assets.

Customising Your Quote

Every project has its own unique requirements. I encourage you to get in touch to discuss your specific needs, whether it’s a detailed product shoot, a corporate event, or architectural photography. By understanding your vision and goals, I can provide a tailored quote that aligns perfectly with your objectives. 

In addition to my social commitment, I offer significant discounts for charities and moderate discounting of fees for ethical & start ups…

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